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AlphaDerma CE™ Versus StriVectin-SD®
AlphaDerma CE™ StriVectin-SD®
Immediate reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Daily usage provides cumulative dermal benefits, improving the overall health of your skin. Takes up to 28 days to see results.
Guaranteed safe and effective for all ages. Not to be used by those under 18 without medical supervision.
High percentage of Acetyl HexaPeptide (Argireline®). Minimum percentage of less effective Peptide.
Repairs aged or damaged skin while preventing future damage. Does not prevent future skin damage.
AlphaDerma CE™ is safe for all types of skin, even sensitive skin. Testing is suggested to avoid side effects such as redness, rashes, or itching.
Can be used on the face, neck, and body. Designed specifically to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Rejuvenate skin wherever applied. Formulated for stretch marks. Was not intended for use on the face.
Safe for use before, during, and after pregnancy. Not for use during or after pregnancy while nursing.
45 day return policy. Guarantees vary depending on where you purchase.
One 4 oz. pump can last months and is very affordable - only $129.95 One 6 oz. tube costs $135.00
Contains 8 clinically proven, potent active ingredients. Mixed specifically to fight stretch marks using ingredients which can irritate sensitive skinToxin.
Safe for use around the eyes. Warned to avoid using near the eyes.
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