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O2 Rescue Serum

Pure Oxygen Serum. A stabilized form of highly bio-available liquid oxygen that begins to heal & repair skin on contact. Delivers large volumes of active, stabilized oxygen deep into the dermis of the skin. Stimulates cell renewal & repair. Oxygen facials are one of the hottest things right now in the skin care industry. Oxygen therapy is the skin care choice of many Hollywood celebrities and plastic surgeons. Why? A fad? No! Because they realize its enormous benefits for the skin. O2 Rescue Serum™ contains a scientifically complex carbon molecule which replicates the blood's ability to carry oxygen and biologically active substances into the skin cells. Until very recently, this technology was only available to the specialized medical professional. Oxygen serums have been used in hospital burn units since the late 1990's & to keep removed tissue oxygenated & alive for skin grafting.

Most other oxygen skin care products available today make use of Hydrogen Peroxide to oxygenate the skin. But without very specific & foreign enzymes being present on the skin, this creates an unstable, rogue oxygen - a free radical. Our O2 Rescue Serum™ contains stabilized oxygen. It does not produce free radicals - it fights them! So how does this benefit the skin? It transports large amounts of vital oxygen into tissues, accelerating regeneration of skin cells. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, heals micro-fractures & micro-fissures and can decrease the loss of collagen & elastin in the skin. Oxygen is chemically inert, and therefore will not produce any type of allergic reaction. It is scientifically impossible. Oxygen Serum transports huge volumes of oxygen to tissues, thus activating tissue-breathing processes, and allowing for more effective penetration of other active ingredients such as retinol, peptides, vitamins, and botanicals.

Our O2 Rescue Serum™ contains the highest amount of Pure Oxygen Serum (>99.8%) available to the general public. O2 Rescue Serum™ also kills anaerobic bacteria on contact, without irritation or drying of the skin. Hence, this product is ideal for the treatment of acne for those who are looking for an alternative to the harsh effects of benzoyl peroxide on the skin.

But the most exciting data on O2 Rescue Serum™ is this....Oxygen Serum appears to actually slow down the visible aging process of the skin. Skin ageing is accelerated when cells die and an equal number of cells are not regenerated to replace them. Data from scientific studies shows that oxygen serums appear to keep skin cells alive longer, giving the body time to regenerate a percentage of new cells before the old ones die. By continuing this process, over time, you can virtually “slow down time” and the skin’s aging process, thus appearing to “turn back time” in regard to the natural aging timeline of the skin.

  • Pure, stabilized oxygen serum
  • Deliver large volumes of stable, active oxygen deep into the skin
  • Kill anaerobic bacteria on contact
  • Increase cell respiration and regeneration
  • Improve the delivery of active ingredients into the skin

Directions for use:
- Apply to freshly cleansed, dry skin once daily. Allow product to dry completely, then reapply a second time for total saturation. Follow with appropriate toners, treatments, and moisturizers.

Sterilized Distilled Water, Oxygen-Loaded Perfluorodecalin, Perfluoropolymethyliscopropyl Ether, Polysorbate 20, Isohexadecyl Ether, Methylpropylparaben

About PSF - Pure Skin Formulations™

Pure. Simple. Effective. Pure Skin Formulations™ combines the most recent research in cosmeceutical product formulating with the calming and soothing benefits of natural & organic botanical ingredients. They use only the finest ingredients in their skin care products to reduce any chances of adverse skin reactions, even in the most sensitive skin types. Their products are formulated in accord with the most recent industry standards, and are subjected to rigorous lab testing, as well as challenge testing & beta testing. Pure Skin Formulations™ upholds the highest standard of quality control. The packaging is minimal - no fancy boxes or bottles. The reason for this is simple - our customers are more concerned with the quality of what's put on the inside of the bottle. The herbs & botanicals used in the products are over 90% certified organic & most are fair trade organic. Pure Skin Formulations™ refuses to water-down their products, as is commonly done in the skin care industry. You use less of the product for a better result. This makes their products more effective and more economical.

PSF skin care products are powerful enough to give visible results, yet are gentle enough to calm and soothe even the most sensitive skin types. Fight the signs of aging with this prestige line of products and treatments that you can safely use in the comfort of your home, and at a fraction of the price of similar expensive professional spa treatments. Youthful, vibrant, glowing skin can finally be yours without harsh chemical peels and irritating synthetic ingredients.

Pure Skin Formulations™ does not engage in or support animal testing in any way. All of their products are 100% Cruelty-Free. They do not participate in, believe in, or support in any way cosmetic testing on animals.

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